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  Don't Forget to Sparkle!

It tickles the tongue and creates a “pop” of excitement. Whether producing bubbly via the traditional method used for Champagne and Cava, or by tank-fermented methods, sparkling wine is made in almost every wine-producing region in the world. Whether in single-serve cans or traditional bottles, sparkling wine is perfect for celebrating and for gift-giving and is the year-round choice that is a prevailing pick by customers during these holiday months.  So when planning off-premise shelves or on-premise wine lists, don’t forget to sparkle this holiday season! 


Offer customers a classic sparkling cocktail.



1 sugar cube
5 dashes aromatic bitters
champagne or sparkling wine
garnish: lemon twist



Add the sugar cube and bitters to the champagne flute. Fill the glass with your choice of bubbly. Garnish with the lemon twist if desired and serve immediately.


Tip: You should get about 5 cocktails per bottle of champagne or sparkling wine!