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Wheat Beer

A light fruitiness and silky texture wrapped in a mysterious cloudy haze. What’s not to like?

About Wheat Beer

Wheat beers are produced from a larger proportion of wheat (typically 50-70%) than other beer styles. The balance of the mash comes from the traditional beer grain source of barley. The wheat has a light profile on the palate and a silky texture. Its extra protein content may also contribute to its hazy appearance and create more head foam. Wheat beer is classified as an ‘ale’, which means the alcohol is created by a top-fermenting yeast – a warmer, faster ferment than for lagers. Historical styles have developed around the world with origins in Bavaria, the home of Hefeweizen. Other common styles of wheat beer are Belgian Witbier, the darker Dunkelweizens and Weizenbocks, Berliner Weisse and Fruit Wheat Beer.