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Zicke zacke, zicke zacke, hoi hoi hoi! You can raise a glass with schnapps, gin or even vodka.

About German Spirits

Germany is home to a host of local spirits and liqueurs. They range from the classic schnapps—fruit juice fermented with a base liquor—to dozens of fruit, herb and honey-based distillates.

Many German fruit brandies are fermented naturally: without the addition of sugar or alcohol. A wide range of herbal spirits are also made in Germany, some of which are a mix of more than a dozen herbs.

Schnapps is one of Germany’s most popular spirits and is generally served on its own, in a shot glass. Egg-based drinks, as well as blackberry-flavored quaffs, are also part of the German spirits lexicon. They may be consumed chilled with fruit-based desserts or alone as an after-dinner drink.

The country’s honey-based liqueur is often used as a cocktail component, in drinks similar to a hot toddy. Korn—a grain-based spirit which amusingly has nothing to do with corn—is similar to vodka and is often served as a beer chaser.