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Whether an aperitif to start your meal, or a digestif to finish, it is all part of La Dolce Vita!

About Italian Spirits

Italy is well known for more than just its wines, as the country also produces a plethora of spirits that range from grappa to amaros \(bitters\) and limoncello. Grappa is distilled from grape pomace and is made in Northern Italy from a variety of different grapes. Many brands are famous for their unique and elegant, slim-necked bottles.

Amaros are made from everything from a mix of herbs to nuts and fruits. They are often consumed after dinner and many are also used as components in cocktails. Italy also produces a number of bitter orange liqueurs that are consumed on their own, on the rocks or with seltzer as an apertitivo before meals.

Limoncello is made from the lush, pendulous lemons found along the Southern Amalfi Coast and is usually enjoyed straight up and chilled after dinner. Marsala is a fortified wine made in Sicily that comes in several colors, sugar levels and age statements. It is usually consumed after dinner.