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This country is as tall as the list of delicious wines that it produces.

About Chilean Wine

Chile is in the top ten in terms of largest wine-producing countries and has a vinous history dating to the 16th century, one of the oldest of the so-called New World wine regions.


Chile's climate ranges from warm and desert-like in the north, to very cool far to the south in Patagonia. The middle area is well-suited climatically for high-quality wine production, with cooling breezes from both the nearby Pacific Ocean and the high altitude Andes Mountains, which also provide ample snowmelt for vineyard irrigation.


Cabernet Sauvignon is Chile's most widely planted grape variety, and this grape does particularly well in the well-known Maipo Valley area just south of the capital city of Santiago. Chile also produces high-quality Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc in the cooler coastal regions. Chile has established a reputation for providing good quality wine and value price points.