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Pinot Grigio

A close sister of Pinot Noir with a lighter personality full of citrus-apple notes.

About Pinot Grigio

Pinot Grigio is a white grape variety that originated in the French region of Burgundy and is a white mutation of the black Pinot Noir grape variety.


Pinot Grigio, the Italian synonym, is the most common style of this wine, showing bitter citrus and lightly floral notes with medium body and elevated acidity.


Pinot Gris, the French synonym, is more commonly found in the French region of Alsace, rather than its homeland of Burgundy. The French style of this grape is the polar opposite of the Italian style. In France, Pinot Gris is typically rich and fuller-bodied, with higher aromatics and noticeable sweetness on the palate.


Mixing this refreshing Italian aperitivo is as easy as riding a bike. Simply combine two of Italy’s top tipples, dry white wine, and liqueur, and throw in a little fizzy water, and you’re ready to wheel into the night. Quick tip: The better the wine, the better the cocktail.