Sparkling wines & champagne hit center stage as we near the holidays and the end of 2023!  Sparkling wines over-index in sales during the months of October through December, hitting their peak in December with New Year’s Eve and National Champagne Day, both falling on December 31st.  


Overall, SGWS on-premise sparkling wine sales are down YTD through October, but sparkling wines from Italy (Prosecco) and Spain (Cava) are up. This trend is driven by guests (especially younger guests) being more open to exploring wines from other countries.  Additionally, we’re beginning to see a slight dining occasion shift (noted in Technomic’s recent “What’s in Store for 2024” article), with more consumers electing for brunch vs. dining out for lunch, dinner, or both.  We anticipate that this occasion shift trend will continue, and as such, put more emphasis on cocktails typically enjoyed during brunch such as mimosas and spritzer variations.   ​


May your glass (of bubbles!) runneth over this season as you cheers to your success and all that is to come in 2024!


Sparkling Wine & Prosecco Brands on Fire: (source: Nielsen Off Premise 52 w/e 11/4/23)

  • ​LaMarca Prosecco (+11.9% vs. YA)
  • Mionetto Prosecco (+21.1% vs. YA)
  • Josh Prosecco (+21.2% vs. YA)