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Celebrate National Bourbon Day, June 14th!

Some purists will argue that bourbon is best consumed neat, but we beg to differ. When combined with different supporting elements, bourbon’s varied sides to its complex flavor profile are able to be appreciated more fully. Whether you like it spirit-forward in a classic Old Fashioned, sweetened in a fruity punch or heated up in a Hot Toddy, there’s a bourbon drink to satisfy every palate. To celebrate this honorary drink here are three essential cocktails you can whip up for you or your customers on National Bourbon Day!

How to Cook with Bourbon

Sure, you might use a shot of it to douse those powdered-sugar-dusted dessert balls, but bourbon is actually way more versatile in the kitchen than you think. It can help make a killer pan sauce for sautéed chicken or salmon, add oomph to a salad vinaigrette and lend flavor to everything from grilled shrimp to bruschetta.

Whitney Fontaine, an executive private chef in Louisville, Ky., loves getting her whiskey on in the kitchen and shared with us some tips on how to incorporate it into every delicious course. ​​​​​​​ First of all, different styles of bourbon will affect dishes differently.