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Clever Tactics to Help Your Team Upsell Spirits

Upselling regular and new guests to more expensive products is a delicate dance. First and foremost, your sales staff needs to be a knowledgeable partner who understands your clients’ needs. Bartenders and sales staff should have an extensive background in spirits brands, flavors, and cocktail components. This is particularly important as the guest experience may move from bar to table, and back, in the course of an evening. The same can be said for the retail sector.

The Flavors of Fall

When life hands you pumpkins…..make a fun autumn cocktail. After all, pumpkin, apples, spice, and everything nice, that is what the flavors of fall are made of! Apple or cinnamon whiskey, ginger or salted caramel liqueur, or warm vanilla bourbon are just a few of the many flavors you can explore.