For most, the sound of a bottle popping means a celebration has begun. Bubbly has been the go-to drink for special occasions since the Middle Ages when European courts toasted with Champagne at coronations and celebrations alike. Royalty’s affinity for bubbly secured its spot among other luxury goods, and strict standards have kept it on the highest shelves. Let’s discover how Champagne and other sparkling wines can inspire seasonal sales.


Brighten up Brunch with a Mimosa Bar


With summer comes the season of celebratory brunching. You can sell prosecco by the bottle to the table, and set out a fun display of juice pitchers, seasonal fruits, and herbs. Having customers make their own mimosas and bellinis not only lets them mix and match, it will free up your wait staff to focus on other beverages and food. Liquor stores can spark sales for customers celebrating at home by creating mimosa bar displays with the products customers need to DIY. Consider placing sparkling wine by the point of purchase to inspire additional sales.



Create Gift Sets that Sparkle


Sparkling wine is a popular gift for milestones like graduations and weddings. A fun way you can help your customers level up their gift game is by selling creative bundles. Arranging mini bottles of various wines like prosecco, cava, crémant, and American sparkling wine in a gift basket, or combining bottles and flutes as a set are easy sells to customers seeking presents.


Use Storytelling to Inspire


From founder to vineyard to varietal, most wines have an interesting fact or story. Educating your staff on the kinds you have stocked and having them incorporate details into their usual selling methods will make your customers thirsty for knowledge, and in turn, sparkling wine. Encourage staff to share their own personal anecdotes, i.e. I had this prosecco on my honeymoon—it was truly magical or this wine is from my home state. Stories like this can make a salesperson seem less pushy and more human.


Give Your Displays a Passport Stamp


Sparkling wine is a worldwide phenomenon with roots in the Loire Valley, Northern California, and beyond. Take advantage of its internationality with an eye-catching map display using pins to feature the different vineyards you carry. This creative idea can translate for restaurants and bars in the form of a map-style tasting menu, or even a “try them all” sparkling wine passport with stamps. 


From restaurants to stores to bars, everyone can benefit from the celebratory allure of sparkling wines in early summer. By stocking up, you’ll be ready to help your customers add a little luxury and sparkle to their special occasions.