As summer heats up, your establishment has a golden opportunity to ride the wave of white wine demand. With their light, crisp, and aromatic profiles, these favorites are perfect for warm weather sipping. Here’s how to make the most of this seasonal surge. 


White Hot Trends


White wines are summer stars for their refreshing qualities. People love light, crisp, and slightly sweet wines – especially when they’re chilled. Get to know their flavor profiles so you can better serves your customers. Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Gris are top picks for their vibrant acidity and citrusy notes, while Riesling and Moscato cater to sweeter preferences. For the adventurous, Gewürztraminer and Chenin Blanc offer unique aromatic experiences. 


By the Numbers


Stocking up for the season doesn’t have to be difficult. Review past sales data to identify patterns in white wine demand from previous summers. Did you over index on Sauvignon Blanc? Under index on Riesling? By comparing year-over-year sales figures for the same period, you can quickly spot growth or decline trends. 


With that said, it’s important to stay up to date on current trends. Talk to your suppliers and customers about what’s hot. Consider new white wine varieties or brands that could impact sales. Just because it wasn’t popular last year, doesn’t mean it won’t be this year.  




Look Local


You never know what each day will bring. Things can change week to week, or even hour to hour. Keep an eye on weather forecasts, as hotter weather boosts demand for refreshing white wines. Track local events, festivals, and tourism activities to capitalize on increased foot traffic and sales opportunities. And pay attention to the overall economic climate, as this may impact which wines you stock up on and promote.  


Seasonal Promotions


Launch summer-specific deals. Try discounts on bulk buys, mix-and-match offers, or special happy hour pricing. Host tastings to introduce customers to a variety of white wines, educating them and encouraging purchases. Pairing suggestions with summer dishes like salads, seafood, and grilled veggies can also enhance the experience. 


Optimal Serving


Serve white wines at the perfect temperature, 45-55°F, to enhance flavors and aromas. Lighter wines like Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Grigio are best at the cooler end, while fuller-bodied whites are better slightly warmer.  


But service goes beyond the wine. Create a warm summer ambience that will encourage ordering. Set up a cool, shaded area for serving and enjoying wine, avoiding direct sunlight that can warm the wine too quickly. And enhance the experience with summer-themed décor, like outdoor seating with umbrellas or shaded areas, to create a relaxing atmosphere. 


Selling during the warm weather season doesn’t have to be a guessing game. If you look at both historical data and current trends, you can optimize your summer sales. By implementing these strategies, you’ll stay one step ahead of the game.