Hard Cider

Grapes aren’t the only fruit that can be fermented with delicious results. Ciders are as complex as wine and as easy to drink as a beer.

How Hard Cider is Made

Hard cider is essentially fermented apple juice, but this simple definition belies its vast potential for complexity. 

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Hard ciders are much sweeter than beer with no bitter aftertaste.

About Hard Cider

Cider is often compared to beer but it is actually more like a wine that is made from low sugar apples. These cider apples have high tannin content and are not meant to be eaten. After the apple juice has fermented, it must mature for about 3 months before it is ready to be consumed. The percentage of alcohol by volume for apple ciders can vary considerably but usually ranges between 4% and 8.5%, however, there are brands from the USA and Canada that even go up to 12%.

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