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Tools Every Bartender Should Have

Just like in a kitchen, there are a lot of gimmicky bar tools that have one application or are overly complicated and not worth the space they take up on your bar. Here are some necessary tools that are required for any bartender:

Two-Piece Shaker This is simply two stainless steel cups, one larger than the other, that fit together at their openings, so you can mix your cocktails by shaking. You can also use the larger of the two cups to mix a cocktail by stirring.

Hawthorne Strainer Used with the two-piece shaker, this strainer fits snugly in the opening to separate the liquid from the ice used to chill the cocktail that was shaken or stirred.

Cocktails to Celebrate National
Tequila Day

All hail the agave plant! Think of tequila cocktails and the Margarita is sure to come to mind. It’s a great drink, sure, but the agave spirits can be used in so much more than just that. From the disco-era Tequila Sunrise, the classic Old Fashioned and Manhattan riffs to the minty-sweet Polar Bear and the Negroni-leaning Loaded Pistol, these are the classic cocktails that make tequila a fan favorite. To celebrate this honorary spirit here are three essential cocktails you can whip up for you or your customers on National Tequila Day, July 24th!