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If coffee could be a beer you wouldn’t be far off from these dark, rich, sometimes creamy beers. Best in cooler weather.

Chocolate Stout Bundt Cake

The chocolate stout cake gets its name from the use of Irish stout beer in its batter. Like other dark ales, Irish stout not only brings flavors of yeast to the dessert, but it often emulates chocolatey overtones that make an excellent addition to chocolate baked goods. 

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About Porter & Stout

Porter is a style of ale that originated in England in the 1700s. Like Stouts, Porters are deeply colored due to their roasted malts and have coffee and chocolate flavors and aromas. The precise differences between the two styles are continually debated, but most agree that Porters are less assertive, and fruitier in style. Many beer lovers believe that Porters offer the perfect balance of intensity and drinkability. Alcohol levels typically range between 4 and 6.5%. Once called Stout Porter, Stout is an Ale-style beer directly descended from the Porter style, and popularized in Ireland by Arthur Guinness.

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