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Home to some of the most sought-after wines on earth. A temperamental climate means that vintages can vary considerably.

About Burgundy

Burgundy is a region of central France that stretches from the cool continental climate of Chablis to the moderate continental climate of Beaujolais. This is the home of the Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grape varieties and continues to offer the world's best examples of both.


From north to south, the region is divided into Chablis (known for Chardonnay), Cote de Nuits (Pinot Noir), Cotes de Beaune (Chardonnay), Cote Chalonnaise (Chardonnay and Pinot Noir), Macon (Chardonnay), and Beaujolais (Gamay).


Wines of the region are ranked as Generic (Bourgogne), Commune or Village (multiple vineyards), Premier Cru (single vineyard) and the highest level, Grand Cru (single vineyard).


Chardonnay from Bordeaux ranges from citrus and steely in Chablis to complex and full-bodied in the southern regions. Beaujolais produces fragrant fruity wines loaded with red fruits.